The Distilleries Company of Sri Lanka (DCSL), Sri Lanka’s oldest and most distinguished wine and spirits establishment, celebrates its centennial year in 2013. Together with Periceyl (Pvt) Ltd – a joint venture with Groupe Pernod Ricard of France set up in 1996/97, and today a wholly-owned subsidiary of DCSL – the Sri Lankan wine & spirits giant maintains a portfolio of reputed brands which for over generations continues to endure. Celebrating every glass, DCSL and Periceyl blends are synonymous with richness and quality.

The DCSL Brand Portfolio

Our unique spirits, produced from locally distilled toddy, have strong characteristics and an indelible heritage. We produce, blend and serve an array of classic and legendary flavours.

The Periceyl Brand Portfolio

A locally distilled array of foreign and local spirits with international characteristics from our very own distilling and bottling plants, and exclusively developed to satisfy local palates.

International Brands