We Partner with Mother Nature’s Bounty

Managing Asia’s largest milk powder packing plant, Lanka Milk Foods (LMF) is actively involved in providing quality nourishment to the nation. Through our strong nationwide distribution network, we reach 55,000 outlets. As one of the country’s largest processors and distributors of dairy products, our quality brands meet all international standards and provide a range of healthy dairy products and beverages for the entire family.

Our Dairy Farms

The heart of quality dairy farming in Sri Lanka is set in spectacular natural surroundings. The Ambewela Farm and New Zealand Farm breed Ayrshire and Friesian cows respectively. The farms adhere to stringent global standards in husbandry and advanced production and hygiene processes, ensuring quality and consistency.

State of the Art Packaging Facility

Begun in 1996, the Lanka Dairies Plant introduced TetraPak packaging to Sri Lanka. This pioneering venture was a direct result of the forward thinking management of the LMF Group who understood the importance of guaranteeing quality and consistency to their customers. The state-of-the-art machinery provides total integration from the farm to its mechanised milk collection, end-to-end milk storage capabilities and finally in its transportation. The Company prides itself on its consumer focused processes, where customer exposure to milk is only when the pack is opened, surpassing all expectations.

Our Dairy Products

Ambewela Dairy Range

Ambewela Milk is a mark of quality through and through. From ultra-modern mechanised milking through to hygienic TetraPak packaging, our milk meets superior international standards. Ambewela Cheese produces premium varieties such as Gouda and Edam with state-of-the-art mechanised processors whereby flavour, texture, weight, size and quality are protected and meet rigorous standards. Completing the trio is Ambewela Yogurt – produced with the best quality milk, and offering consumers an unparalleled advantage in taste. The Ambewela Dairy Range contributes over 11 million litres of fresh milk to the nation annually.

Lakspray Milk Powder

A household name, Lakspray Milk Powder is the pioneer milk powder brand in the country with a rich history of 45 years. Produced in New Zealand and certified by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority, Lakspray is produced from 100% pure cow’s milk, free of additional chemical additives or preservatives. Lakspray Non-Fat, containing skim milk caters to today’s health conscious consumer.

Daily UHT Treated Flavoured Milk

Produced using premium quality milk from our Ambewela Farm, Daily is a landmark beverage brand which over a decade ago was distinguished as the first product in Sri Lanka to be processed using UHT treatment and to have aseptic packaging. Over the years, the range has been developed to include several delicious flavours, and Daily products are today a firm favourite in the Maldives as well.

Daily ACTIV UHT Treated Malt Chocolate Food Drink

A malt-based extension to the Daily brand, ACTIV conforms to the right combination of taste and nutrition value for both old and young consumers alike. This product too is exported to the Maldivian market.