Lanka Milk Foods launches BLU energy drink

Lanka Milk Foods (CWE) PLC, one of the leading dairy companies in Sri Lanka, made an entry into the energy drinks segment with the launch of the premium international energy drink, BLU. The specially formulated energy drink was unveiled at a glitzy blue themed party and is all set to take the bull by the horns when rolled out nation-wide.

“We see a huge potential for energy drinks in Sri Lanka” said LMF’s Director Sanjeevani Jayawardena who overlooks new ventures. Upbeat about the launch, she added: “In today’s fast-paced environment, energy drinks are becoming very popular and we are happy to introduce the beverage to cater to this beverage segment”.

Jayawardena noted that rising consumer interest for what is termed new generation drinks have created consumerism with many professionals preferring the beverage. “Combining a host of sugars, vitamins, minerals and of course water, Blu has an appealing taste that builds on you”, she commented.

With unparalleled taste, value and functionality, BLU is manufactured using the latest water purification technology in pristine conditions to guarantee highest quality standards to its customers. Research and development have gone into the creation of this next generation energy drink which provides great tasting, sustained and hydrating energy without the usual bitter after tastes of other brands.

Two variants, Blu Regular and Blu Cranberry will hit the shelves of supermarkets and A grade outlets plus hotels, restaurants and clubs and will ride on LMF’s superior distribution network to reach a wide segment of consumers across the Country.

A product of Poland, Blu energy drink is available in 30 Countries worldwide spanning all the continents and covering the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.