• Alexander Samuel David,
    Tea Taster

    “My journey at Stassen began in 1989. Since then I have gained tremendous exposure and was empowered to improve my knowledge and make contributions to the entire Group. It is heartening to see that commitment towards Quality Management across the organisation has increased beyond expectation.

    As a tea taster, I have had the opportunity of meeting different people, and travelling on the job has definitely allowed me to gather a vast knowledge on tea.

    My dream is to grow our standards in Quality and Food Safety to higher levels and develop markets to distribute the “Stassen” brand of tea around the world.”


  • Sudath Nanayakkara,
    Superintendent (Glen Alpin Estate)

    “Through my work at Stassen I have had the privilege of managing one of the largest organic plantations in Sri Lanka - the Venture Estate. This makes me among a chosen few in the country today to have both learnt and practiced organic agriculture!

    The Company has provided ample opportunity and encouragement for me to further my professional qualifications through local and international training.

    Working at Stassen for over 20 years has in no uncertain terms developed my career as a Planter.”


  • Kolondai Theresa,
    Tea Plucker (Kirkoswald Estate)

    “I started work in the Kirkoswald estate in August 1988. I am still working in the estate and I am trying to become No. 01 Plucker by improving my ability. I am doing my best to solve the problems of the workers being leader of the Union. The Estate Management looks after our needs. 

    Despite many difficulties we were able to give good education to my four children. One of my children is working at Colombo whilst the other one is training in an Estate Office. The other child is undergoing training in the Teachers’ College.  Like this our lifestyle has improved and for this we thank the Madulsima Plantations PLC and the Stassen Exports (Pvt) Ltd.


  • Achala Lamasuriya,
    Tea Taster

     “Working at Stassen, we are like a family, and every day it is by playing a ‘team game’ that we excel!

    Joining in 1995, with no background in tea, I was selected as a trainee tea taster out of a pool of 1500 applicants. Since that time, I haven’t had a single occasion to look back.

    As a tea taster you pick up many skills, both technical and creative and there is a lot of variety in the work that I do. At times there are joint collaborations with customers to arrive at customised blends which is very interesting as you experiment with new ideas to arrive at a great blend. 

    The worldwide tea industry is a competitive one, but 100% Pure Ceylon Tea is unmatchable and it is easy to be passionate about Ceylon Tea. The future of tea is about new blends and new packaging – we’re in an industry that’s moving along with the times, and this requires innovation and energy.

    I personally look forward to making continuous contributions to the success of our company!”


  • Mahinda Luxman,
    Senior Technician (Tea-bagging Section)

    “Having joined the Company in 1984, I have worked here for 29 years.  My ability to serve for such a long period is because we enjoy the ability to work with independence and there is flexibility in terms of our working environment. 

    Over the years I have received local and international training in places like Germany and Italy which has greatly assisted me in my work as a senior technician, and has enabled me to supervise and train new staff.

    In a way, working at Stassen feels like one is working for one’s own company.  The Company takes good care of us, we gain a lot of experience, have the opportunity to travel and we work in a good environment with colleagues who are like family.” 


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